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The other side

by Darren Ellis

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Written by Darren Ellis,
performed by Darren Ellis and the Extravaganza


released December 20, 2014

Darren Ellis gives thanks to Tom Fox, Chris Burston, Niklas Blixt, and Sam Exon for their work on this CD. I couldnt have done it without them.



all rights reserved


Darren James Ellis UK

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Track Name: War Song
You started a War, when you pushed me out your door,
And i tried to draw the fire, but my legs are getting tired.
And I'm falling to the ground, I take a look around. What did I see?
There's other people under fire, like me.

So let's join hands, start loving, not war.
Sing it together, a war never helped nobody, so long as I remember,
So let's make love, not war,

And I never hurt nobody, and your bullets bounce right off of me,

Open your heart, open your mind, you're invincible as long as you find,
Love, Love, Not war,
And you tried to draw the fire, but you know youre getting tired,
when you fight a war,

Open your heart, open your mind, open your soul,
I know that you will find, love, not war,

Open your soul, open your mind, open your heart,
I know that you will find, love, not war.
Track Name: Limelight
Never say never, easy come easy go,
Limelight, I need the limelight,
Nothing lasts forever, you will come to know,
you need the moonlight.

Do you do it for yourself. or do you do it for somebody else.

I need the limelight. I need the moonlight, I need the spotlight.
Track Name: See you on the other side
Ohh I'm glad if you're lovin somebody that it's me
If you ever need my time, them I give it to you for free

I'll see you on the other side of the line
'Cause I'll be doing just fine
If you ever need my time
Cause I'm a winner Baby
Track Name: Jack
I know a man and he lives on the pavement
he told me his name was jack
he lives with his home on his back

I saw a woman with tears in her eyes
I said now darlin' please dont you cry
she told me someone she knew had just died
lost in the cold on the street where he lay

youve got a lot to live for if you dont have a home